When is the search database updated?

Data from our IT system is exported several times daily. Documents / vessels that are entered into the register will be searchable on www.sjofartsdir.no/en/shipsearch/ from approximately noon the next workday.

General tips

  • Search only for one option at a time.
  • By only entering the first few characters of your criteria, you will obtain a broader search.
  • If your search comes up empty, you may try a search of different criteria.
  • Please also check if you have selected any limitations to your search.


  • Still no hits?
    Contact the Department of Ship Registration directly and we will help you find out if the vessel in question is registered or not.  Official statements and transcripts may only be acquired by order. Send us an email,  post@nis-nor.no  or call (+47) 52 74 50 00 .

How to state your criteria

  • Call sign should be entered without spaces.
  • IMO No. consists of 7 digits.
  • Hull/ Contract No. Must be stated accurately.
    You may, instead, try searching for name of shipbuilding – or contracting yard and choose the correct number from the list of results.
  • Owner’s name, please enter: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name.
  • Owner’s date of birth only, please enter: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name


HIN/CIN no. is not registered for all vessels and, accordingly, is not considered to be a unique search criteria and was removed as of 3 July 2015.

Limit your search

You may make a search of:

  • «Ships in NIS and NOR», ”used ship names”, “ships under construction/ contracts and last issued CSR.
  • Type: choose current or historical data.
  • Limit search: you may make a search of «all fields» or choose one of the following:  «call sign only», «vessel name only», «owner’s name only» and «owner’s date of birth only»
  • Limit search to which register: choose all fields for BYGG (The Shipbuilding Register), NIS and NOR or only BYGG, NIS or NOR.  
  • Vessel status: choose either «All (active and deleted») or only «active» or «deleted.

Remember to reset your criteria befor you make a new search.