Code of Conduct for Safe Boating

  1. Think safety 
    Knowledge and planning reduce risks and promote well-being.
  2. Bring necessary equipment
    The equipment must be kept in order and be readily available.
  3. Respect the weather and waters
    Use the boat under appropriate and safe conditions only.
  4. Follow the Norwegian rules of the road at sea
    Provisions regarding the right of way, speed and use of lights must be complied with.
  5. Use a lifejacket or flotation clothing
    Wearing a personal flotation device is required on board recreational craft of less than 8 metres in length. Suitable personal flotation devices shall be available for all persons on board recreational craft of 8 metres and upwards. 
  6. Be well-rested and sober
    The maximum legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.8 for operators of recreational craft of less than 15 metres in length.
  7. Be considerate
    Safety, environment and well-being are a shares responsibility.

Be prepared for any incident you might be involved in and consider how you should respond: Keep calm, stay with your boat and call for help.