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  • NOK 7 million fine issued in the Harrier case

    • 15.10.2019
    • 13:44
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    A Singapore company has accepted and paid a NOK 7 million fine for violation of the Pollution Control Act and the General Civil Penal Code as a consequence of an attempt to illegally export the Harrier for scrapping.

  • Looking with optimism to the future of the fjords

    • 25.09.2019
    • 12:14
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    • Fokusområde 2020

    The first cruise season with new regulations for the world heritage fjords is behind us. The harbourmasters on the fjords concerned have received fewer complaints about smoke, but are already looking forward to even stricter regulations in the years to come.

  • Increasing number of bulk carriers into NIS

    • 18.09.2019
    • 15:34
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    This week, three bulk carriers flagged into NIS from Singapore. In the course of September, we expect another three bulk carriers from the same shipowner into the same register.

  • Martime cyber risks

    • 19.08.2019
    • 13:37
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    The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) has since June this year received information about cyber campaigns targeting several different sectors. The scope of these campaigns and the following incidents have been global, but companies in the United States of America, Europe and the Middle East have been the main targets.

  • ISPS/MARSEC Security level – Strait of Hormuz

    • 31.07.2019
    • 14:48
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    Due to the previous attacks in the Strait of Hormuz The Norwegian Maritime Authority, NMA, have decided to give the following instructions to Norwegian flagged vessels:

  • Raise of ISPS/MARSEC Security level

    • 13.06.2019
    • 12:36
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    Reference is made to the incident in the Strait of Hormuz 13th of June 2019. Due to the attacks and the unconfirmed circumstances The Norwegian Maritime Authority, NMA, have decided to give the following instructions to CSO, SSO and Masters on board Norwegian flagged vessels: