A secure method for sending files to the NMA

eDialog is a secure alternative to email for submitting various files and documentation to the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA). No encryption is required as the system handles this automatically. This makes eDialog particularly suitable for sending sensitive and confidential information.

When should you not use secure submission?

Please continue to use our forms for submitting documentation.

eDialog can be used for all other types of files and documentation to the NMA. However, for general inquiries or simple questions, we recommend using our regular contact details to reach the NMA.

Access eDialog hereNote: To use this service, you must log in using electronic identification.

How can I use eDialog?

Mandatory fields are marked with a *.

  • Specify whether you represent yourself or a company.
  • Enter your Norwegian national identity number/organisation number and complete other mandatory fields.
  • Provide a detailed description of your submission under "Title" and "Message". Avoid including sensitive information in the title field. The message field will be forwarded to us as a letter.
  • If you have received a case number from the NMA, please include it under "Title" along with a descriptive title for your submission. For example: "2022/106220 – Questions regarding Sea Service Books"
  • Upload relevant attachments. Most common formats are accepted, although there may be limitations related to video, AutoCad and 3D, among others.
  • Click "Send form". You will receive a receipt by email.
  • You can only send files up to 250MB at a time.

Submission of Ship Safety and Security Plans via eDialog

The Ship Safety and Security Plan (SSP), which requires approval from the NMA, and other documents containing information that could expose vulnerabilities in the ship's SSP, can be submitted securely through eDialog without encryption (password). Please include the ship's name and IMO number in the title field.

Do you have documents for more multiple vessels? Please submit them one vessel at a time.