Health requirements for Certificate for Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft and Certificate for Master Fisherman Class C

  • Published: 18/06/2015

The requirements are taken from the Regulations of 22 December 2011 No. 1523 on qualifications and certificates for seafarers.

(1) Masters of recreational craft with a hull length of 15 metres or more are considered to have satisfactory eyesight, colour vision and hearing when a medical practitioner states that the requirements of this provision have been met.

(2) Eyesight shall be at least 0.5 with both eyes tested simultaneously. If vision in one eye is less than 0.05, vision in the other eye must be at least 0.6, if necessary with optical correction. Where optical correction is necessary to achieve this vision, the candidate is required to use such correction during service as master of recreational craft with a hull length of 15 metres or more.

(3) The field of vision shall be normal in at least one eye and the colour vision examined with Ishivara charts or equivalent test shall be normal.

(4) There shall be no loss of hearing greater than 40 dB at the frequencies 500–2,000 Hz and 60 dB at 3,000–4,000 Hz. The requirement may be met with the use of a hearing-aid.

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