Missing persons or suspected criminal offence

If a crew member or any other person on board is missing or there is suspicion of an offense of a serious nature, it shall be reported to the police. Detailed rules are found in Regulation concerning the obligations of the master and company in the event that a criminal offence of a serious nature is committed on board ship, and concerning notification of missing persons.

Please note that it is Hordaland police district which, according to § 4 of the Regulations shall be notified of missing persons, while the National Criminal Investigation Service shall be notified in case of suspected serious offense on board, see § 3

Notification of injury to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)

In the event of an employee being injured, it is important to remember the obligation to notify NAV. The form can be found on NAV's website. This obligation applies to Norwegian and foreign nationals who are employed on ships registered in the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register (NOR) and Norwegian and foreign nationals resident in Norway and employed on Norwegian ships registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS). The same applies to citizens of EEA-countries and foreign nationals who are not resident in Norway, but contributing to the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

Notification of accident with electricity

Personal injuries or property damage caused by electricity shall be notified to the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB). Read more about the reporting obligation on www.dsb.no, where you will also find relevant forms.