Many tourist choose to stand while they fish from an open boat. This practice increases the risk of capsizing or falling over board. Many tourists also neglect to use a flotation vest that could save their lives if they should fall over board.


The NMA has published informational brochures in German, English, Polish and Russian to ensure that tourists receive the necessary information to fish safely in Norway. It is important you read this.

Companies that arrange fishing holidays or rent fishing equipment are mandated to give the necessary information.

Download brochures:

The Norwegian Maritime Authoritys brochure about the safety for fishing tourists in Norway (Updated 2018).

The brochure contains a checklist that the client and and the rental company should go through together, as well as useful tips on the laws and regulations for boating license, use of life jackets and catching fish.



A checklist that the client and the rental company should go through together regarding boat rental



Animated safety videos in six different languages may be downloaded from this Vimeo-link.

Download the Safe at Sea in Norway folder in other languages


Renting of recreational fishing craft

Boats rented to tourists are not subject to specific regulations. Renters are however subject to certain regulations set out in the Act for product control.

Renters of craft used by foreign tourists or others are responsible for the safety of tourists. Renters shall make sure that the products rented do not pose a safetyr risk to the users, and shall also give users the necessary information for using the the product rented and assessing inherent risk in using the product.

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has published web pages with information in several different languages.