Plakat som informerer om bruk av flytevestHere you can download a poster with information on lifejackets.

Based on the requirement from 1 May 2015 that all persons in recreational craft of less than eight metres must wear a suitable personal flotation device, the NMA has made a poster which may be displayed in harbours.

This poster has been sent to the police districts in Norway. The poster has also been sent by e-mail to all boat associations that are members of the Royal Norwegian Boat Association (KNBF). 

Falling overboard and capsizing are the most common causes of deaths

Statistics show that there is an average of 29 fatalities in recreational craft accidents every year. Over the last decade, the two most common causes of accidents have been falling overboard and capsizing. Statistics show that around 61% of the fatalities in recreational craft accidents were not wearing a lifejacket. Accidents with high-speed boats often involve persons being thrown into the water. In such situations, it is even more important to wear a lifejacket.

Men over 40 are the key target group

In 2020, 100% of the fatalities were men, with an average age of 59 years. The NMA especially targets this group to improve the attitude towards use of personal flotation devices.

Campaign film

A campaign film has been made whish highlights the message that it should be pleasant and safe to be in a boat and also reminds the target group of the consequenses of falling into the sea without a lifejacket. There is no dialogue in the film and there is a poster at the end in Norwegian, English and German; the latter two to spread the message to tourists.

Lifejacket film 30 seconds - Norwegian poster

Lifejacket film 60 seconds - Norwegian poster

Lifejacket film 30 seconds - German poster

Lifejacket film 30 seconds - English poster

Accident statistics

Link to report on safety in recreational craft in pdf format


The song in the NMA's lifejacket film is called "Keeps you alive". Composer: Håvard Hana, vocals: Jane Gjestland.