Order an official transcript or certificate

You may also order an official transcript of registry or a certificate. An official transcript can document that you acted in good faith if a dispute should arise at a later stage. 
Please send a request to post@nis-nor.no with all necessary particulars of the vessel for unique identification.
The fee for an official transcript or certificate is currently NOK kr. 579,-
In order to ensure correct invoicing, we kindly as for the form payment information, signed by the invoice recipient, to accompany your order.

Please note that there will always be a delay between journal entries and  in the ship registers and the search database.

Important information:

  • Although several of the fields in our database are searchable, only IMO numbers and Norwegian call signs are considered unique.
    Read more about updating of the search database and the different criteria here.
  • The search option is intended as an indicator as to whether or not a vessel, ship under construction or contract is registered or if a desired vessel name is available. Information on last issued CSR is also offered.
  • If the search is unsuccessful or if you need an official transcript, please send an email to the Department of Ship Registration, post@nis-nor.no