The Maritime Office is established

Established as the Maritime Office. Earlier the same year came Seaworthiness Act (not replaced until 2007).

First Director General Magnus Andersen. He also founded the "Norges Handels og Sjøfartstidende", now "Dagens Næringsliv".


Merging of agencies

The Maritime Office and its own shipping department, three maritime offices, Offices of Navigation and the Engineering Officer being established in the Ministry of Commerce.


Maritime Office switching department

Maritime Agency is subjected to the Department for Commerce and Shipping.


The Norwegian Maritime Authority is born

The Norwegian Maritime Authority gathers the The Maritime Office, Office for Navigation and Engineering Officer and The Ship Measurement Office to one unit.


Agency for Sailors is closed down

After the founding of NIS in 1987 it is decided to close down the Agency for Sailors.


The Norwegian Maritime Authority acquires the Welfare Service for seafarers

After the termination of "the welfare" and the abolishment of the law on welfare services, The Norwegian Maritime Authority acquires responsibility for welfare service for seafarers.


The Norwegian Maritime Authority switches department

The Norwegian Maritime Authority is subjected to The Trade and Industry Department.


Reorganized and moved from Oslo to Haugesund

September 12, 2005, it was decided that the headquarters should be moved from Oslo to Haugesund. The Norwegian Maritime Authority is one of many state Control Authorityties which are moved from Oslo to various parts of Norway. 1 November 2006, the doors to the new office is opened in Smedasundet 50.


The Norwegian Ship Registers are combined with The Norwegian Maritime Authority

On 1 January 2012 The Norwegian Ship Registers in Bergen is merged with The Norwegian Maritime Authority. The aim is to establish a unified maritime administration which is well suited to meet society's demands for safety, environment and service in the maritime sector.