Organisational structure and employees

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has jurisdiction over Norwegian flagged ships and for foreign flagged ships in Norwegian waters.

PHOTO: Sjøfartsdirektoratet

The Authority also maintains the Norwegian International Ship Register and the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register. It's goals are to be the preferred maritime administration and to safeguard life, health, the environment and material. The NMA is also tasked with preemptive safety work aimed at users of recreational craft.


Name Position Phone Cell E-mail
Lars Alvestad Head of Department 52745347 95253533 Send e-mail
Magnus Jonas Fjell Senior Adviser 52745602 95051840 Send e-mail
Olav Akselsen Director General of Shipping and Navigation 52745555 99541949 Send e-mail
Torbjørn Havnerås Principal Adviser 52745286 90143555 Send e-mail
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