Lessons learned

The Norwegian Maritime Authority regularly publishes lessons learned from marine incidents and accidents.

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  • Lessons learned – Chemical exposure

    The Norwegian Maritime Authority regularly receive casualty reports where crew members, during the course of their work, have been exposed to chemicals. Four incidents from 2022 demonstrate what can go wrong and how fast it can happen. At the same time, the lessons learned from these incidents can be easily observed and preventive measures can be implemented with little cost and effort in order to ensure safe operations when handling chemicals.

  • Lessons learned – Use of ECDIS maps and route planning

    Many unwanted incidents, and groundings in particular, occur due to user errors or misunderstandings while using digital maps such as ECDIS. Both user errors and failure to update digital map systems may lead to critical and serious incidents.

  • Lessons learned – fell asleep on watch

    The Norwegian Maritime Authority receives several accident reports where the listed cause is “fell asleep on watch”. In most cases, the crew do not suffer physical injury. However, vessels have been lost or sustained major material damage, and some accidents have caused environmental damage.

  • Lessons learned – personal accidents on trawlers

    Despite an increased focus on safety and a general decline in the number of personal accidents in the fishing fleet, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has noticed that serious personal accidents still happen in the trawler fleet.

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