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  • Guide to the lifejacket requirement

    • 3/17/2021
    • 2:50 PM
    • Sea sense, Life-jacket, Guidelines

    In 2015, the Norwegian Storting decided that all persons in recreational craft of less than eight metres in length must wear a suitable personal flotation device (PFD) when staying outdoors when the boat is underway.

  • Guidance on shipping and rest hours

    • 3/12/2021
    • 4:41 PM
    • Hours of work and rest, Guidelines

    Shipping and rest hours is a popular topic for debate. Are seafarers sleeping enough on board? What are the consequences of not sleeping enough? What is written in the regulations on fatigue? And how do we comply with these rules?

  • Curriculum D5L

    • 4/17/2020
    • 9:36 AM
    • Recreational craft, Certificates, Apply for Certificate for Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft

    Curriculum for training of masters and mates on recreational craft with a hull length of up to 24 metres

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