Security with sale and purchase

  • NOR is a legal protection register in line with the official registration of real estate. Registration ensures approved ownership.
  • The legal protection you gain will contribute to ensure that only the registered owner can sell the vessel.

Financing is easier for vessels registered in the NOR

  • Registered vessels may be mortgaged.
  • Voluntary mortgages can only obtain legal protection by registration in the Ship Register.
  • The possibility for financing by a potential new owner may lead to a quicker sale of the vessel.

Certificate of Nationality/ Registry

  • Has proved to be an important document on overseas trips. The certificate ensures a smoother process when checking in with port authorities and immigration offices.
  • The certificate confirms that the vessel is of Norwegian nationality as well as the registered owner.
  • Issued free of charge. 

Requirements and obligations.

  • When registering a vessel for the first time, an unbroken chain of ownership must be documented all the way back to the manufacturer.
  • For imported vessels, documentation stating that the vessel has not been registered with a foreign ship register must also be submitted.
  • Owner is obliged to report all changes to the register.