The first time you log in, you will need to reconfirm your subscriptions.

Please note that if you are a user of the risk assessment tools, you will be able to retrieve previously entered data by using the same e-mail address as before when registering.

How to register a new user:

  1. Click the link “Register for e-mail notifications” at the bottom of the page or check out the page My e-mail notifications - Norwegian Maritime Authority (

  2. The first time you try to log in, you need to create a new user by pressing “Sign up now” (see the area marked with a green circle below). 


  3. You will then be requested to enter your e-mail address. Press the blue “Send verification code” button to receive a code by e-mail. This code must be copied from the e-mail. If you cannot find the e-mail with the confirmation code, please check the junk/spam folder:

  4. This verification code must be entered before you can continue by pressing the blue “Verify code” button:

  5. Create a new password and enter it twice. Create a “display name” and press the blue “Create” button

  6. Enter the country where you are staying, or the country where your phone is registered, and enter your phone number before pressing the blue “Send code” button. You will then receive a code by SMS:

  7. Enter the code from the text message and press the blue “Verify Code” button:

  8. A window will appear asking you to select your subscriptions. Press “save” and log out when you are done:

  9. You will be able to log in to make changes to or cancel your subscription at any time.