"We have noticed a detrimental development  in the number of incidents on board the smallest workboats. Occupational accidents such as impact and crush injuries and groundings have occured frequently in the last three years. We need to do something about it," says Knut Arild Hareide, Director General of Shipping and Navigation.

For this reason, the NMA now invites operational managers, shipping companies and special interest organisations to a series of meetings with the aim to obtain more knowledge about current safety challenges.

"We have good expertise in the fields of safety at sea, preventive work, and risk and safety management. However, the industry knows best how these vessels operate. We hope that the cooperation will lead to specific measures to improve the safety on board," says Hareide.

Relevant topics for discussion include risk assessment of work operations and equipment, navigation, stability, port calls/departures and new technology.

Useful experience from the fishing fleet

The NMA has useful experience from similar initiatives such as the "Sjekk sjarken" capaign including check lists aimed at the smallest fishing fleet.

"Everyone should be safe and comfortable at work. That is why we need to do something. We look forward to having a constructive dialogue with the industry," Hareide adds.

Contact information

If you would like to contribute to this initiative, please contact Birthe Lill Eskevik at the NMA.