On Saturday 12 August, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and the Norwegian Shipowner’s Mutual War Risk Insurance Association provided an updated threat assessment to their members for this area. The assessment was valid until Tuesday 15 August.

The NMA has now been informed that the direct threat to ships in the area is reduced.
The security level and our advise to companies and vessels operating in the area remain the same.

All Norwegian ships operating in this area should stay vigilant and give the NMA notice of any change in security level (link to our reporting system). Norwegian vessels should also establish communication with international navy resources in the area and consider using the EMASoH's Voluntary Reporting Scheme.

Information from the NMA (for Norwegian-flagged vessels) regarding the strait of Hormuz can be found here: Strait of Hormuz - Norwegian Maritime Authority (sdir.no)

  • Norwegian Maritime Authority: +47 52 74 50 00
  • Norwegian Shipowner's Association: +47 90 09 50 01