Why choose the Norwegian International Ship Register

Benefits of choosing the NIS

Ships flying the Norwegian flag enjoy the support of a complete, maritime administration with extensive experience and knowledge. Choosing the NIS brings numerous benefits regarding finance, operations, safety and staff. 

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Who do I contact?

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We have designated points of contact who will guide you through the registration process. 

Fee calculator

It's easy to calculate initial and annual NIS fees by using our tonnage based  fee calculator. 


What our customers say

At the NMA we appreciate feedback from our customers. In the clip below you can see what some of our customers say about NIS and the NMA.


The history of the NIS

The NIS was established and opened on July 1st 1987. 

Significant growth in NIS – more than 700 ships registered

The Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) is strengthening its position and growing despite closed borders and a global pandemic. One of the companies which has discovered the benefits of flying the Norwegian flag is Wilson Shipowning AS. Since 2019, they have registered as many as 18 ships in NIS.

Enabling a greener and safer future for the maritime sector

In-house competence

We ensure that the NMA has the internal expertise needed to contribute tailored regulations and influence policies that enable innovation and technological growth and development.

Our in-house competence allows us to be a partner and facilitator for our NIS customers, providing dialogue and guidance through the development of novel designs.

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