Daniel Möllerström, able seafarer on the Njord Viking, won both the first and second prize in the Norwegian photo contest, just like he did last year.

“I’m surprised, happy and proud and I’m grateful for the positive feedback from the jury”, says the winner.

1. plass 2022 Daniel Möllerström - Njord Viking.jpg

Daniel Möllerström has called his winning photo “Coffee Break”.

“We were having a coffee break on board when I decided to capture the smiles and laughter”, he says.

The jury fell for this photo and the spontaneous portrayal of a cheerful break from the duties on board. The picture tells a story of life on board, showing a seafarer who puts a friendly arm around the shoulders of a colleague.

“They laugh with him, not at him. The photo could have been a little chaotic, but the black and white creates a calm effect”, the jury said.

“I often predict situations of interest, and I take my camera with me wherever I go. I usually take several pictures and compare them afterwards to select the best ones. I only take snapshots and never stage my photos. Photography is my passion. I take pictures on board all the time”, says Möllerström.

2. plass 2022 Daniel Möllerström - Njord Viking.jpg

Daniel Möllerström also won the second prize for the photo “Ice breaking”. 

Even if the photo shows the power of the sea, it brings a sense of meditative calm. The picture is full of symbolism. The use of colours is excellent and the composition lovely.

“You can almost hear the sound of ice being broken”, said the jury about the second-prize photo.

“This picture was taken in Flekkefjord. We had just left port. I was standing in the bow looking through the hawsehole and saw the black ice being broken against the bulb”, says Möllerström.

3. plass 2022 Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza - Star Lygra.jpg

Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza, 4th officer on board the Star Livorno, won the third prize for his photo “Fire fighting drill”.

“This photo was taken as we were anchored off Costa Rica waiting to berth”, says Baldoza. “We took the opportunity to carry out the monthly fire drill. That was when I captured the moment with the sea rolling and the crew testing the fire-extinguishing equipment”, says the photographer.

“This is a well composed and dramatic picture full of life. It highlights a somewhat absurd contrast between neat order on deck and a rough and choppy sea. The water jet draws a compelling line through the picture. It could be a fire drill. or maybe they are checking the equipment? The jury noticed the interaction between the powerful colours red, yellow and green on deck where sailors, bollards and other objects appear in pairs.

4. plass 2022 Jose Carlo Teruel - Star Lima.jpg

The fourth prize was awarded to Jose Carlo Teruel, 4th officer on board the Star Lima, for the photo “Lightning Sightnings”. This photo of a dramatic and almost incomprehensible situation caught the jury's attention. What is lightening up the cloud? Is it the moon? The photo gives no answer, but leaves us wondering together with the person in the picture.

5. plass 2022 Kim-André Kristiansen - Hilda Knutsen.jpg

Kim André Kristiansen, deck cadet on the Hilda Knutsen, has called his picture «Dråpene» (which means “the drops”). It was during the Hilda Knutsen’s first loading from the Inspirer (to the left) at the Yme field in November. After a lot of rain, the sun finally made an appearance, and each single drop on the window offers a distinctive view and a unique angle on the ship and its surroundings. The details provided by each drop come together to form a bigger picture”, says the photographer.

This photo has some unique qualities that caught the attention of the jury.

“The picture is beautifully composed and the colours are vibrant and bright. The raindrops on the window add another layer to the picture. If you take a close look, you can see the reflections of different parts of the ship in the raindrops, like micro-worlds. An unusually calm day at the field site”, says the jury. 

Norsk jury fotokonkurransen 2022 kopi.jpg

Honourable mentions

For the competent judges, Øyvind Sætre, Helga Maria Sulen Sund and Sigurd Asle Voll, the task of judging in the photo contest is a real highlight of the year. The quality of the submitted photos is steadily improving, and the jury would have liked to give honourable mention to even more of the many beautiful and powerful descriptions of life at sea.

The elimination method was used to select the five prize-winning pictures and a further ten pictures that were to receive honourable mention and a place in the Nordic final. Here are the results:

Hederlig omtale 2022 Harald Matland - BEF3.jpg

The jury described the photo of Harald Matland on board the BEF 2 as “a charming picture of the atmosphere in Bergen”. Matland is the captain and the only crew member on board. The picture shows the BEF 3, Norways’s first fully electric passenger boat, which was built in 2014.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Daniel Möllerström - Njord Viking - 1.jpg

“Inspection of Anchors” is also signed by the double winner Daniel Möllerström on the Njord Viking.

“A lovely and razor-sharp composition with a nice sense of depth. A real work situation”, said the jury.

“I captured this picture as the sun was rising at 5.30 am, while waiting for the anchor inspection,” says Möllerström.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Andreas Wolden - Kronprins Haakon.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Andreas Wolden and his picture of the Kronprins Haakon. 

Andreas Wolden, net man on the research ship Kronprins Haakon, has taken this "split shot" using an underwater camera.

“This is a masterpiece showing an interesting section of two different worlds”, says the jury. They have never seen anything like this before and are impressed.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza  - Star Lygra - 2.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza and his picture of the Star Lygra.

“Sea of Heaven” was taken at Bahia Concepcion Anchorage, Lirquen outside Chile, says Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza, who won the third prize and received honourable mention for two additional photos.  

“After a whole week of dense fog, the sun broke through and I caught sight of this amazing view”.

“A beautiful composition showing modern technology versus calm seas and clouds creates a dream effect and makes the jury think of science fiction”, reasoned the judges.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Fredrik Almenningen Rosså - Stril Mermaid - 1.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Fredrik Almenningen Rosså and his picture of colleagues on board the Stril Mermaid.

Fredrik Almenningen Rosså, 2nd officer on board the Stril Mermaid, has called his pure picture "Daconnett øvelse". Beautiful lines and excellent use of colours. The use of few, but powerful colours captured the jury members.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Ole-Christian Pedersen - Ro Master.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Ole-Christian Pedersen with his picture creating calmness.

The photo “Speide ut over havet” (Looking out to the sea) has been taken by chief mate Ole-Christian Pedersen on the wellboat Ro Master. The picture was taken during a wonderful evening voyage across Folla.

The jury said that the picture portrayed “an unusually beautiful day at sea and a particular sense of peace and quiet. Excellent use of colours. Effective use of windows as mirrors, which adds another layer and sense of space. The person has a nice position in the picture.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza  - Star Lygra - 1.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza and this lovely picture of his colleagues at the Star Lygra.

Reanmer Jean B. Baldoza received a second honourable mention for his charming portrait of two seafarers. His photo “Smile! Job Well Done” was taken on board the Star Lygra at Coronel Anchorage in Chile after lubrication of crane wires.

“The rain made it difficult to complete the job, but these guys made it and even posed with a smile on their face afterwards”, says Baldoza.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Ole Petter Dahl - Vortex.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Ole Petter Dahl and the photo “Vortex”.

Ole Petter Dahl, loadmaster on the Seaway Albatross, is working with heavy-lift operations all over the world. The jury loved his picture, which they think is wonderfully absurd and gives rise to wonder.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Fredrik Almenningen Rosså - Stril Mermaid - 2.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Fredrik Almenningen Rosså and his picture on board the Stril Mermaid.

Fredrik Almenningen Rosså on the Stril Mermaid received his second honourable mention for this amazing picture called “Fi-fi øvelse” (FIFI drill). Excellent use of colours and dramatic weather”, said the jury.

Hederlig omtale 2022 Daniel Möllerström - Njord Viking - 2.jpg

HONOURABLE MENTION: Daniel Möllerström on board the Njord Viking.

Daniel Möllerström got another honourable mention, in addition to the first and second prize, and has four photos in the Nordic final. He has called this picture “Two in One”.

“The picture was taken while I was on watch and we were cleaning the fresh water tank”, says Möllerström.

“Normality versus the strange-looking and absurd. And an intense stare into the camera”, said the jury.