Who needs to do what – a quick summary


  1. Make sure you have the role of "Transport" in Altinn on behalf of the company that owns the vessel.
  2. Create a user account on My Vessels.
  3. Give administrators or project managers access to your vessels in My Vessels either via the role of "Transport" in Altinn or by providing direct access via the access module on My Vessels.

Project manager / administrator

  1. Create a user account on My Vessels.
  2. Ask the owner to give you access to vessels, either via the role of Transport in Altinn, or by direct allocation on My Vessels.
    1. In case there is a direct access assignment on My Vessels, you must send your invitation key to the owner of the vessel to gain access.
  3. Give users access to vessels via the access control on My Vessels.
    1. Users must send their invitation key to you.


  1. Create a user account on My Vessels.
  2. Send your invitation key to the project manager or administrator so that he/she can give you access to the respective vessel(s).

What's new on My Vessels?

The current Portal has primarily handled newbuildings and conversions, while the functionality for sailing vessels has been expanded on My vessels.


In the new certificate module, you will get a better overview of all current, expired and archived certificates related to each vessel.

Certificates requiring intermediate survey will be listed.  Certificates that need to be renewed are provided with a link to the request inspection form.


There is now a new reaction module where you will get a better overview of all reactions related to each vessel. It is now possible to react to issued orders and comments by uploading documentation on My vessels.

We have also worked with similar solutions for non-conformities and observations.

Access control

Persons who are listed as owner of a vessel in one of the Norwegian Maritime Authority registers will automatically get access to their vessel(s) the first time they log on to My vessels by using ID-porten.

In the access control module you, as the owner, or the person to whom you have assigned administrative access rights, may give external users access to your vessels.


This module shows a list of all accidents and near-accidents registered for each vessel in the NMA's accident database.

Transition from the portal to My vessels – What do I need to do?

For security reasons, we cannot transfer users from the portal to My vessels automatically.  

Therefore, you need to register as a new user in order to use My vessels.

The owner will now decide who will get access to the vessel.

The main difference between access control in the portal and on My vessels is that the responsibility for controlling access to vessels has been placed where it belongs, which is with the owner of the vessel.

This means that the owner is in charge and responsible for giving the users access to vessels.

This also means that the owner is responsible for assigning access to vessels.

ID-porten, Altinn and the role of "Transport"

As the NMA is a state supervisory, we are required to use national common components and common solutions.

This means, among other things, that we use the ID-porten for digital services that require login and authentication..

In order to control access to services developed by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, we use the Altinn model for roles and rights.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority's services on Altinn are available by using the “Transport” role.

Who is the “owner” of the vessel?

The registered owner of a vessel is found by doing a search in the Norwegian Maritime Authority's register https://www.sdir.no/skipssok/

The owner of a vessel may be an individual or a company.

Access for vessels owned by individuals

Individuals will be granted access to their vessel after login.

Access to vessels owned by a company

The user must have the “Transport” role in Altinn on behalf of the company in order to get access to a vessel.

Your position in the company determines whether you will get access to a vessel automatically or not.

The following individuals will have the “Transport” role pre-assigned in Altinn:

  • managing shipowner
  • general manager / Managing Director
  • partner with Full/joint liability (national identity number)
  • owner
  • contact person NUF
  • Norwegian representative (of foreign entity)
  • chairman of the board

How to give other people access to vessels in My vessels

This may be done by using Altinn or My vessels.

Assigning access in Altinn

The owners of a vessel may use Altinn to give other people access to their vessels on My vessels.

This is provided that you give them the “Transport” role for the company they are representing.

A user who is granted the “Transport” role on behalf of a company will in the same way as the owner have access to all the vessels that are registered for the company.

Assigning access in My vessels

A module for access control has been developed for My vessels. It is now possible to control access for external users in detail.

We have developed a user manual on how to give external users access to vessels.

We have made a few user manuals to get you started.