Uploading new documentation on My Vessels

Under the BUILD ACTIONS tab you will get an overview of the subject areas created in connection with the construction project.


By clicking "Show details" you will see the different points to be answered.

The bullet points in blue (here 5 filled in and 17 not filled in) show how many points were answered from your side.

In the example below, 5 are answered by the yard, and 17 are waiting for uploading documents.

The list looks like something like the example below:

Uploading documentation is done by clicking on the "View and upload files" link.

If you have previously uploaded documentation, you will see these in the dialog window.

This dialog box appears when you press "Go to file upload".

Here you have the opportunity to upload required documentation.

Under "Description" you will find what is required.

Press "Upload" to upload the documentation.

Uploading new version of documents on My Vessels

By clicking "View and upload files" you will get the documents you have uploaded.

Here you will get the documents you have uploaded.

You can upload a new version by clicking "Upload New Version".

After selecting the document you want to upload, the following dialog box appears.

Here it is important to enter a new revision number.

When you press "Upload", a new version of the document will be uploaded.

Download the uploaded documentation report on My Vessels

It is possible to download a report showing the status of uploaded documentation.

You can download the report by clicking "Download Report".

The downloaded file is in excel format and shows what you have uploaded and the status of the document.

See members of the NMA's project group on My Vessels

By clicking on "View project group" you will get an overview of who at the NMA that is responsible for the various subject areas.

You will then get similar information.