Automatic access by using Altinn and ID-porten for shipowners

If you or your company have registered a ship in one of the Norwegian Maritime Authority's registers (NIS, NOR or BYGG (the Shipbuilding Register)) and you have the "Transport" role in Altinn, you will automatically get access to your vessels when logging into My vessels.

The following individuals will have the "Transport" role pre-assigned in Altinn:

  • managing shipowner
  • general manager / Managing director
  • partner with full/joint liability (national identity number)
  • owner
  • contact person NUF
  • Norwegian representative (of foreign entity)
  • chairman of the board

Automatic access by using Altinn and ID-porten for representatives

As the owner of a vessel you may use Altinn to assign access to your vessels for other people on My vessels.

This is provided that you give them the "Transport" role for the company they are representing.

Here is a description of how this is done.

Manual access levels on My vessels

On My vessels you can as owner or with administrative privileges give access to external users who do not have the "Transport" role.

The different access levels are described below:

Access level 3 (T3) – users with full access

Users with access level T3 have full access to My vessels in the same way as users who have access by using ID-porten.

Access level 2 (T2) – users with limited access

Users with access level T2 will have access to My vessels.

This level does not give access to access control

The administrator determines which information the user will have access to.

Access level 1 (T1) – users with read access

Users with access level T1 will have read access to My vessels only.

The administrator determines which information the user will have read access to.

How to assign user access manually

Access to vessels are assigned in two ways, either by using the access view or the vessel view.

Access by access view



Click the gear on the right hand side on My vessels start page.

Next, click "Access control".

The access control page will now open.

If you have already assigned access to My vessels you will be able to see which users who have access. See the example above.

Click "Assign access" to get an overview of the vessels you can administer.

Choose which vessels you want to assign access to

A list of the vessels you administer will now open.

You may choose all vessels or a single vessel.

Choose the vessel(s) you want to assign access to, and click "Next".

Choose which user you want to assign access to

On the first login to My vessels, a unique invitation key will be established for each user.

To give access to a new user, the user must send his or her invitation key to you.

You will find the invitation key on the top right hand side. You can also find it by clicking the gear to the right.

When you receive the key from the user to whom you want to assign access, the key must be entered into the "Key-ID" box.

Now, the name of the invitation key owner will appear.

Click “Next”.

Choose access level for the user

You may choose which type of access this user will have to your vessels, level 3 (full access), T2 (limited access) and T1 (read access).

Users with access level T3 will have the same access level as you.

For access level T1 and T2 you must select which areas you want to give access to.

If the vessel you are assigning access to is a newbuilding or under conversion, you may also choose which relevant fields the user will have access to.

Click “Next” after choosing access level.

Confirm access for the user

You will get a summary of people you give access to, and which access level they are given.

When clicking “Confirm”, the user will have access to the vessel or vessels.

The users will receive an e-mail to notify that they have now been given access to the vessel.

Assign access to vessels in the vessel view



Having selected a vessel, you may choose to assign access to this vessel for other users as well.

Click the “ACCESS” tab to see the same dialogue box as you will get by choosing access administration from the gear icon.

Users who have been assigned access at an earlier stage will be shown here.

Click “Assign access” to give a new user access.

You will then see a pre-populated list of all the vessels you administer along with the active vessel.

The following dialogue box will be the same as for the general access control.