NB! If you want to receive messages on e-mail, you need to actively choose the vessels for which you would like to receive e-mails.

When is an email notification sent from My Vessels?

An email notification will be sent when::


  • when the certificate expiration date is approaching
  • when the deadline for a response to reactions is about to expire;
  • when the deadline for sending documentation related to ship building is about to expire.


  • when a reaction regarding a vessel is created
  • when a reaction is closes
  • whe a caseworker accepts or rejects documents associated with a ship building case

History and dialogue

  • when a caseworker answers a message sent by the customer
  • when a caseworker responds to an order for new control on board the vessel

How to subscribe to e-mail notifications

When you are logged in, you will click on the gear on the right-hand side and choose “Notification settings”.

The following page will appear:

The notification settings will generally be switched off.

If you want to receive e-mail notifications for one vessel, you must activate the notifications.

This is done by clicking the slider under “E-mail notification”.

For the example below, you will receive an e-mail notification for ACERGY VIKING. However, you will not get e-mails regarding AKKARFJORD.  

Language options for e-mail notifications

You can choose to receive e-mail notification in Norwegian or English.

When the e-mail notifications are activated, you can choose the language for the notifications by clicking Norwegian” or “English” on the right-hand side of “Notification language”.

Note: If you have not chosen to receive e-mail notifications, you may not choose language.