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  • Stricter curbs on contaminants will save lives

    • 6/19/2017
    • 12:34 PM
    • News and updates, News

    Big cuts in the sulphur content of marine fuel oil recently adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are set to have a significant impact on deaths from air pollution.

  • IMO puts autonomous ships on the agenda

    • 6/14/2017
    • 3:28 PM
    • News and updates, News, Autonome fartøy

    Following an initiative by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, among others, the UN's maritime organisation IMO is now putting the issue of autonomous ships on the agenda.

  • Positioning the NMA for the future

    • 5/31/2017
    • 6:04 PM
    • News and updates, News

    - We may not know exactly what the future holds for the maritime industry when it comes to alternative fuels and autonomy. But we know we want to be in a position to make Norwegian innovation into international standard, says Director General of the NMA, Mr. Olav Akselsen.