The NMA has experienced attempted cyber-attacks, and the introduction of a new log-in method is therefore an important step towards improved security for the storage of information and e-mail addresses.

Using Azure Active Directory will help us achieve better protection against cyber threats. Signing in requires so-called two-step verification or two-factor authentication. This provides an extra layer of protection since you need more than just a username and password.

Your first log-in will take a few minutes, but it is important for us to make this change now. The new solution will provide improved security for both our customers and for our own systems.

Some services will not be affected

This change will have no effect on the NMA’s self-service solutions, such as “My page for seafarers”, ”My vessels” and the electronic system of judicial registration. You still need to use ID-porten to sign in to these services.

Read the log-in instructions here