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  • Requirement for certificate of proficiency for LFF

    • 3/23/2017
    • 12:48 PM
    • Equipment and technical requirements, News and updates, News, fuel, LNG, gas

    The IGF Code for ships using low-flashpoint fuels entered into force in January. From 1 July 2018, everyone who has duties and responsibilities associated with the care and use of fuel, or who has management responsibility for such operations on board this type of ships, must hold a certificate of proficiency for low-flashpoint fuels (LFF).

  • Ready for a future with hydrogen

    • 2/27/2017
    • 1:46 PM
    • News and updates, News

    The Norwegian Maritime Authority has observed an increasing interest in using hydrogen as marine fuel and wants to work closely with the industry in the development of the new technology.

  • NIS-, and MLC guarantee may now be merged

    • 1/20/2017
    • 3:08 PM
    • News and updates, News, NIS, MLC

    For ships which are or will be registered in the NIS and have employees who are not covered by Norwegian or EEA social security schemes: it is possible to merge the NIS guarantee and financial security for abandoned seafarers in cases other than bankruptcy

  • New rates and annual fees for ships in the NIS

    • 1/19/2017
    • 1:46 PM
    • News and updates, News

    On January 1, the NMA’s fees were adjusted upwards with 2.8 %. The annual fees will be invoiced from the Norwegian National Collection Agency in week 4.