Electronic certificates for vessels

  • Published: 06/12/2019

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) will issue CLB, CLC and PLR certificates electronically. These will be the first electronic vessel certificates issued in Norway.

The electronic certificates are published on our web portal “My Vessels”. The vessel's list of valid certificates will include a PDF file next to the electronic certificates.

Digitally signed electronic documents are both safe and easy to share with charterers, ports, flag administrations and other stakeholders. The documents are protected against tampering and carry a digital signature. Each document will be granted a unique tracking number (UTN) to verify validity and authenticity. The validity and authenticity of a document may be verified by using an online verification service at verify.sdir.no by entering the UTN, vessel name or IMO number.

Electronic documents are becoming easier, more secure and more common in all industries. The process of managing, sharing, storing and verifying the authenticity of certificates is easy and secure by using the NMA's verification web page.

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