Ship Sanitation Certificate

  • Published: 09/06/2017

The Ship Sanitation Certificate is administered by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority sporadically receives inquiries concerning what is commonly called "deratting certificates".

The legal basis for the Ship Sanitation Certificate is the Regulations on the notification of, and measures to be taken in the event of, serious events of significance for international public health (the Norwegian IHR Regulations). These Regulations are administered by the Norwegian Directorate of Health as the authority in this field.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has taken over the task from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health of authorising municipalities to issue certificates. The Directorate is currently developing websites with information about ship sanitation certificates, authorised municipalities and applicable rates.

The requirement for this certificate is laid down in the International Health Regulations, which is an international binding agreement between more than 190 countries. The municipal medical officer may request valid certificates on arrival at the port, and ships should therefore ensure that these are valid at all times. The validity period of the certificate is six months and may be extended by one month.

The requirement for ship sanitation certificates is laid down in sections 21 to 22 of the Norwegian IHR Regulations (available in Norwegian only).

Contact information:

Norwegian Directorate of Health


Tel.: 810 20 050

Tel. from abroad: +47 24 16 30 00

Contact persons:

Hilde Skagestad: Tel. +47 24 16 38 32

Bente Lund – Tel. +47 24 16 39 76

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