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  • Yet another new rig registered in NIS

    • 9/13/2018
    • 12:17 PM
    • News and updates, News

    It recently became clear that the rig “West Mira” will be transferred to NIS. This is a great addition to the fleet flying the Norwegian flag in the Harsh Environment segment.

  • New brochure on safety at sea for fishing tourists

    • 7/11/2018
    • 2:14 PM
    • News and updates, News

    Norway is a popular destination for fishing tourists, but not everyone thinks about safety before setting off to sea. An updated brochure in English is meant to be a good tool for both tourists and boat hire companies.

  • Milestone – and new head of the Ship Registers

    • 3/27/2018
    • 1:51 PM
    • News and updates, News

    At the end of January, the employees at the Ship Registers could celebrate having passed 600 registered ships in the NIS. Not a bad start for Monika Borge, who is replacing Anita Malmedal as Head of Department.

  • Norwegian flag hits ten year high

    • 2/7/2018
    • 2:42 PM
    • New registration, News and updates, News, NIS

    At the end of January, 600 ships were registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS). This is the highest number of ships in the register since 2008.