“The meeting was initiated by the associations, and it was very fruitful.
This demonstrates the strength of our tripartite cooperation,” says Knut Arild Hareide, Director General of Shipping and Navigation.

The parties agreed that the Ship Labour Act, section 9-5 (1), subparagraph d, on the right to leave service, applies to the southern part of the Red Sea under the current circumstances.

«A person working on board is entitled to leave service on board if: …d): there is war or war-like conditions in waters in which the ship shall sail or in a port for which the ship is bound,»

«(2) A person may leave service on board before departure from port or at the ship's first port of call after the person concerned has become aware of the situation.»

The legislation is not as clear when it comes to ships that pass an area with war-like conditions under way on a journey. The affected area in the southern part of the Red Sea stretches over around 300 nautical miles. In such cases, the company, together with the captain and crew, need to discuss possible measures.

The parties will work together to find manageable solutions if there are situations calling for action.