SECURITY LEVEL: The decision is based on statements made by the Houthi movement, as well as multiple attacks on civilian vessels – including the Norwegian-flagged tanker, the MT Strinda, which was hit by a missile on 11 December.

The Houthi movement, which has claimed responsibility for the operations, has said that the attack was aimed at Israel and Israeli interests.

The raised security level will be in force until the end of January 2024. The duration is in line with ISPS regulations and provides the industry with updated information.

The Security and Contingency Planning Department at the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and the Norwegian Maritime Authority strongly advise vessels operating in the area to stay continously informed about developments, conduct thorough risk assessments, and adhere to existing notification procedures for shipping in the region.



Contact details:

Emergency number at the Norwegian Maritime Authority: +47 52745000

Emergency number at the Norwegian Shipowners' Association: +47 90095001

Emergency number at the Norwegian Shipowners' Mutual War Risk Insurance Association: +47 48111900

UKMTO, Indian Ocean Emergencies: +44 (0) 2392222060 /