Pre-filled application for endorsement. To be submitted by shipping company

Application for endorsement for shipping companies through Altinn

Application for exemption from requirement of nationality

Upload attachment to registered application

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Attachments to online applications

The shipping companies representative shall complete and sign the "Declaration of competence" form with a statement by the Norwegian shipping company of adequate English language skills and necessary knowledge of Norwegian maritime regulation. The attachment shall be uploaded in connection with all applications for endorsement of Deck Officer Certificate, Engineer Officer Certificate, ETO-certificate and Certificate of Officer on fishing vessels.

Should you nevertheless wish to apply manually, you will find information and manual application forms here.

Why apply online?

By applying online for endorsement, seafarers may be issued a Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA) automatically via Altinn. The CRA will be sent to the shipping companies mailbox in Altinn when the application has been received. Online applications ensure quicker processing time, and the shipping company may pay the fee when the application has been registered.

Who may submit online applications?

The shipping company can apply directly through Altinn.

Seafarer and manning agent can prefill an application, then the shipping company has to approve the application in Altinn before it is transferred to the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA).

Which certificates may be endorsed?

Deck Officer-, Engineer Officer-, Electro-Technical Officer (ETO), Certificate of Officer on fishing vessels (STCW-F) and Tankerman Advanced training Certificates may be endorsed. All certificates must be issued in accordance with the STCW- or STCW-F Convention by a country that Norway has entered into an agreement with.

GMDSS Certificates shall be endorsed by Telenor Kystradio.

For Masters only:

Course in Norwegian maritime legislation (NIS course) must be compleded at an approved course centre if the applicant is to serve as master on board a Norwegian ship.

If the applicant is to serve as master on board a Norwegian ship, and has a citizenship from a non-EEA country, the application process will differ slightly. Application for exemption from the nationality requirement shall be registered true Altinn, sent by mail or e-mail to

A CRA is not valid without preliminary exemption from the nationality requirements. Preliminary exemption from the nationality requirement can only be issued by the NMA. Please see guideline for exemption from the nationality requirement.

Approved course centre (NIS- course) :


Norwegian Training Center - Manila

Ocean Technologies Group Norway

RS Sjøredningsskolen

Information regarding verification in connection with application

In compliance with regulation I/2.7 of the STCW 78 Convention, all certificates which may be endorsed in compliance with regulation I/10 of the STCW 78 Convention, have to be verified (i.e. the authenticity and validity of the certificates must be ensured) before an endorsement may be issued.

If the Norwegian Maritime Authority is unable to verify the certificate with the issuing party, an endorsement cannot be issued.