In accordance with Regulation concerning the  Manning of Norwegian Ships, which in turn is based on IMO Resolution A.1047(27)  “Principles of Safe Manning”, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) determines  so-called safe manning levels upon applications from shipowners.

The NMA is determined to support tripartite cooperation and therefore requires  that employee representatives are involved in the application process.

The proposed safe manning shall cover all relevant  operations, tasks and functions required to safely operate the ship. In the  application, the shipowner must substantiate that the crew members proposed for  safe manning are capable of carrying out these responsibilities. Safe manning  is the minimum manning level a ship may have in order to operate.

The NMA regulation  must not be understood to be a regulation determining the correct manning in  all situations.

Actual work load on the vessel may vary greatly  depending on type of vessel, market segment, route, other traffic, etc. Furthermore,  the shipowner may instruct the crew to carry out tasks in addition to the tasks  attributed to safe manning. Examples of such tasks may be the running of a  restaurant, sale of tickets, carrying out maintenance not critical to safety.

The shipowner has thus a duty to make constant  assessments of the manning of the vessel. This requirement is stipulated both  in the Manning Regulation and in Regulations of 5 January 2014 No. 1191 on a  safety management system for Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units. It is  the shipowner’s duty to ensure that the operation of the vessel is within the  boundaries of rules and regulations.

The Regulation applies to Norwegian passenger  vessels irrespective of size and cargo vessels of 50 gross tonnage and upwards,  unless otherwise provided by the individual provisions. For vessels that are  only used for training and teaching purposes, and for vessels employed in pilot  or rescue service, the Regulation only applies as stipulated by the Norwegian  Maritime Authority in each individual case.

Application for Safe Manning

Application for Safe  Manning(KS 0308 and KS 0308-1) should be submitted by the shipownes.

KS 0308  and KS 0308-1is pdf-files, which can be filled in on-screen  and submitted as an enclosure to an e-mail sent to