Passenger vessels in trade area 2 or less

  • Published: 26/04/2018

Here you find information about passenger vessels certified for operation in trade area 1, 2, or on rivers and lakes.

MS Bastø IV
MS Bastø IV
PHOTO: Ingerid Bjercke

Certificates for passenger vessels in trade area 2 or less

The Passenger Certificate is the vessels main certificate that allows it to operate within a given trade area. Overview of applicable regulations, relevant certificates, and documents are given in the menu on the right.

Inspection and document control of passenger vessels in trade area 2 or less

The Norwegian Maritime Authority conducts inspections on board and control of vessel documentation before certificates may be issued.

Certificates are only issued to vessels that comply with relevant laws and regulations.

A vessel that already has a valid certificate that needs renewal has to submit a request for inspection. The request must be submitted well ahead of the expiration date of the certificate.

New passenger vessels in trade area 2 or less

The following needs to be submitted to the Norwegian maritime authority before building starts:

Conversions and other changes of passenger vessels in trade area 2 or less

The owners shall notify the Norwegian Maritime Authority when they have entered into agreement on conversions or other changes on the vessel.

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