The NMAs inspection regime is divided between inspections on Norwegian flagged vessels and inspection on foreign flagged vessels in Norwegian waters.

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Request for survey on norwegian vessel

If you, or others in the company, manage to send a request for survey in norwegian, please use our electronic form (skjema) KS-0115 Begjæring om tilsyn på fartøy.

If you have to send an english request for survey on a norwegian vessel please send an e-mail til  

Please specify i the e-mail:

  • Vessel name
  • Call signal
  • IMO number
  • Certificate type and survey type, or
  • Other type of survey, not connected to a specific certificate type:


Accident/damage survey

Deletion of class - hull, machinery

Change of machinery

Other changes (specify)

Bottom survey outside time window

Inclining test, initial

Recommendation survey, initial

Inclining test, 10 yearly (fishing vessel)

Lightweight survey, 5 yearly (passenger ships)
(passenger ships)

Change of trade area

Inclining test, additional

Recommendation survey, additional

Extension of certificates

MLC survey (for ships not required to have MLC Certificate)

  • Date of survey
  • Place of survey
  • Name of contact person
  • Phone number to contact person
  • E-mail to contact person
  • Other information to NMA, if relevant
  • Enclosures, if relevant for the requested survey

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