The NMA's Section for Mobile Offshore Units certifies Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) registered in the Norwegian Ship Registers.

Supervisory system and maritime certificates/LOC

Maritime certificates/LOC

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) issues certificates/LOC on the basis of:
•    Document control
•    Verifications on board
•    The company’s safety management system

Annexes to the certificates/LOC

The NMA issues following annexes to the certificates /LOC:

  • Annex I: Operational limitations
  • Annex II: Accepted exemptions
  • List of recommendations: List of recommendations and temporary exemptions with time-limits.

Initial registration

Upon initial registration of a mobile offshore unit (newbuilding / change of flag / change of vessel type), the NMA’s Section for Mobile Offshore Units (MOU) and the Department for Ship Registration (NIS/NOR) will be involved in the process.

The unit’s technical and operational safety will be audited by the Section for MOU whilst the Department for Ship Registration will register the unit in NIS or NOR.

To start the process, please send a "Application for certification – Mobile Offshore Unit " to You will then be invited to an initial meeting with the Section for MOU. A Norwegian call sign and, if applicable, IMO number will also be allocated upon receipt of the notification of newbuilding.

The Section for MOU will request documentation to be submitted according to its Document list (see bottom of this page). Additionally, the Department of Ship Registration has its own checklist for documentation requirements either for New registration of a mobile offshore unit in the NOR or for New registration in the NIS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Renewal of certificates/LOC

In connection with renewal of certificates/LOC, the latest editions of the regulations are applicable. The company must then prepare and forward GAP analyses to the NMA. In addition, the company shall evaluate previously approved exemptions (Annex II) with a view to prospective corrections, or annulment due to new regulations. Conclusions shall be forwarded to the NMA.


Applications for exemptions shall as a minimum include:

  • Regulation and section which it is applied for.
  • Description of the deviation.
  • Justifications for acceptance of the deviation (compensating measure / equivalent / risk assessment).
  • Confirmation of whether the deviation is short-term or long-term. A closing-date shall be added in applications for short-term exemptions.

If the exemption could impact safety and the working environment, a statement from the employees' representatives, preferably coordinating head safety delegate, shall be appended with the exemption application.

Other supervisory authorities/agencies

The NMA has agreements for cooperation and technical assistance with the following agencies for delegation of surveys on mobile offshore units:

  • The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB). The agreement concerns survey of electrical installations and electrical equipment.
  • Civil Aviation Authority Norway (CAA Norway). The agreement concerns survey of helicopter decks.
  • Telenor Kystradio. The agreement concerns survey of radio installations and equipment.

The NMA coordinates surveys which are to be performed by these agencies.

Classification societies

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has agreements with following classification societies for delegation of surveys on mobile offshore units *

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • DNV
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS)

Supervisory tasks (including certfication tasks) have been delegated pursuant to the following:

Annex I to Agreement 1 June 2002
Annex VI to

Letter of Compliance (LOC)

The NMA may, upon the company’s application, issue a so-called “Letter of Compliance” (LOC) to a foreign-registered vessel which is not subject to supervision by the Petroleum Safety Authority in connection with the AoC. This document will be issued after the NMA and its appurtenant agencies have carried out document control and verification on board equivalent to controls and verifications on a Norwegian-registered mobile offshore unit, and found the vessel to be in compliance with the technical and operational requirements in the NMA regulations for Norwegian-registered mobile offshore units (except requirements relating to manning and safety management systems).

The agreements with the other agencies as mentioned above are also applicable to LOC.

*  Annex VI to Agreement of 1st June 2002 (the Agreement) between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Classification Societies, concerning surveys of ships which are or will be registered in a Norwegian ship register, General authorisation from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to RO for Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs).