The IMO has a website on waste management. Here you can look up ports and see what types of waste that can be delivered there. You can find many Norwegian and international ports in this database.

You can also find approved reporting forms for delivery, and various procedures.

Read more here.

In “The Norwegian Pilot Guide”, which is now available digitally, there will be information about the various ports’ facilities and waste reception categories.

Access to contact information for the port you plan to use can also be a good starting point for getting the waste delivered in a safe way.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has an ongoing project together with the Norwegian Mapping Authority, the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Norwegian Coastal Administration where we are working on systems that deal with waste/garbage from vessel to delivery in the various ports.

The information will be implemented in the digital version of “The Norwegian Pilot Guide”, where information can be added concerning the various ports’ facilities for reception of different waste categories.