Photo Contest for seaferers

During the year all seafarers on board Norwegian ships can submit photos and participate in the Norwegian and Nordic photo competition. Every year we receive many beautiful, cheerful, gripping, evocative, amazing and fantastic pictures from life at sea. The top 15 photos in the Norwegian contest advance automatically to the annual Nordic final, which is held in collaboration with Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. You can win great prizes, honors and glory.

1. prize Norwegian Photo Contest for Seafarers 2017
1. prize Norwegian and Nordic Photo Contest for Seafarers 2019
PHOTO: Daniel Möllserström, matros, Njord Viking

Winning photos 2022

The winning photos in the Norwegian Photo Contest 2022

The winning photos in the Nordic final 2022

You will find more result lists and a gallery of the winning photos in the right menu.

This year's contest

You can enter pictures to the contest throughout the year.

We welcome all kind of motifs related to maritime life at work or leisure, on board or in port: vessels, people, the sea and coast and life in ports. Please submit your photos!

Click on the image and watch a presentation film of the photo contest.

Logo den nordiske fotokonkurransen for sjøfolk

Contest rules

  • Nordic seafarers and all seafarers on Nordic ships can participate. Send pictures to the national organizers by the December 31st.
  • Maximum 15 entries per person.
  • High-resolution pictures, minimum file size 2 MB in jpg format.
  • The photos should describe the maritime environment – on board or on land, showing work or leisure.
  • All entries shall include the following information
    - Title
    - Where the picture was taken (some words about the situation is  also appreciated)
    - The photographer’s name, address and phone number, position on board and the last vessel he/she was working on.
  • The entries shall not be older than two years.
  • Pictures with watermarks, date stamps or name on the photo cannot compete.
  • Contestants may only participate with pictures, to which they own the copyrights. The copyright holder is the same as the person pushing the shutter release button.
  • By submitting pictures to the competition, the photographer agrees that identifiable persons have agreed that the photo is a part of a competition and will be made public on our webpage for as long as the competition exists.
  • By participating, you agree that the national organizer handles your data according to GDPR*, for the sole purpose of informing you about the Nordic Photo Contest for Seafarers.
  • The national organizers reserve the right to publish the pictures free of charge, in original or edited edition, in their own publications and to supply copies to related media/magazines mentioning the photo contest.
  • Send your pictures to

*GDPR: The General Data Protection Regulation applies throughout the European Union and its purpose is to create a uniform and harmonised level for the protection of personal data so that the free movement of personal data within Europe is not hindered

Judging and selection

  • The photo contest for seafarers shows pictures of aspects of life, work and leisure time, submitted by anyone who is an active seafarer on board NOR/NIS-ships. The pictures are judged anonymously by an expert jury in the field of photography and journalism. The photos are selected based on motif, storytelling, composition and technique. (The pictures are selected with no account taken of any performer's behavior in e.g. dealing with security measures.)
  • All photos submitted will be entered in the Norwgian contest. The top 5 pictures win prizes. In addition 10 pictures will be given honourable mention.
  • These 15 selected contributions in the Norwegian contest will go through to the Nordic final and compete on equal terms with the best contributions from  the national competitions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. Also here, the top 5 pictures win prizes. The jury itself decides whether further photos should be given honourable mention.
  • The five best pictures in each contest will be awarded special prizes.

Photo Diploma

All participants will receive the Norwegian Maritime Authority's attractive “Photography Diploma” signed by Norwegian Director General of Shipping and Navigation.

Two book prizes will also be drawn among all participants. 

How to improve your photography skills

Finding interesting motifs to photograph shouldn’t be a problem for seafarers who travel around the world. But capturing the moment successfully with the camera is not always easy.


When submitting pictures to the photo competition you authorize Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) to publish your photos, free of charge, in original or edited version, in the NMA’s own media, printed as well as electronic, and when NMA shares your images with affiliates for promoting the contest in other maritime publications.

Where practicable, the photos will be credited. Please submit your entries with name, homeaddress, telephone number and e-mail, additional to the name of your ship and your working title.

If the NMA receives requests from othe interested parties who ask to use submitted photos, the NMA will provide the photographers contact information so that the parties themselves can agree on the use / remuneration.

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