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Now it's easier than ever to read, or rather, absorb the content of a book. Today's technology allows to choose from a large selection of titles, for pleasant reading and listening on both tablets and smart phones. If you have difficulty relaxing or have tasks that do not provide an opportunity to open a book, there is a possibility to enjoy the book by listening to it. Our e-library offers both parts. A good book kan be a perfect companion in the cabin.

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An ocean of books 

Our digital library is open 24 hours a day for all seafarers in the Norwegian merchant fleet, and the service is free of charge. You can borrow up to 10 e-books + 10 audiobooks when you have internet access. When you press the "Read" or "Listen" button, the book will be downloaded and available on your device offline.

Although there are most titles in Norwegian in the app, we hope you will find interesting  material to read or listen to when you search for English e-books and audiobooks.

The books deliver themselves when the loan period of 100 days is over. You can easily extend the loan time or hand in the books earlier if you want to make room for new loans next time your device are aconnected to internet.

How to get started?

You can read or listen to our e-books and audiobooks in English and Norwegian in the app "BookBites Bibliotek". But first you have to register to get your personal library card and PIN code access to our library collection.

How to register

  1. Seafarers on NOR/NIS-registered merchant vessels can sign up for an elibrary card here
  2. You will immediately receive an email with your library card number and PIN code. (If not, check your spam box, or contact us.)
  3. Use this information as your library card in BookBites.

How to get started in BookBites

  1. Download the app "BookBites bibliotek" in App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create your personal user. Follow the instructions. 
  3. Register the library card number (bd_00****) + PIN code (****)
    Make sure there is no space in the entry.
  4. Borrow e-books and/or audiobooks and start reading or listening.
How to log onSlik logger du inn i Bookbites Customize reading Tilpass leseopplevelsen i Bookbites How to searchSlik tilpasser du leseopplevelsen i Bookbites


Have you forgotten your library card number and PIN code?

Click here to ask for your personal library information.

(NB! If you have changed to another e-mail address than the one you originally signed up with, please send your new e-mail address to the Seaman's Service.)

Did something go wrong?

We are here to help you. Send your question to the Seaman's Service.

Book requests 

Can't find your favorite author? Are you looking for books on special topics? Send your book request to the Seaman's Service, and we will check if the title is available for acquisition to our collection in Bookbites.

Tablets and browser 

Bookbites are tested by the supplier for installation on the Boyue Likebook Mars tablet (with Android operating system).

It is also possible to install the app on a Chromebook if the model supports Android applications and has Chrome OS version 53 or later versions.

Because of Amazone's restrictions placed on Kindle, it is currently not possible for the supplier to develop a solution for Kindle. The same restrictions s apply to other proprietary solutions. The operating system on tablets and mobile phones must be iOS or Android in order to use the Bookbites app. A solution for reading in a browser on a PC or MAC will be available later on.

Did you find what you were looking for?

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