Project Horizon

Some of the leading European experts in the fields of fatigue and stress were involved in Project Horizon. The thesis of the project was that fatigue and mental exhaustion inhibit the mate's ability to take action and make decisions. The project examined how the arrangement of watches has a significance for the crew's feeling of fatigue. Project Horizon gives advice and guidance on how to improve the rest procedures on board. The project team has developed tools that agents in the maritime sector can use to avoide fatigue.

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Seafarer Fatigue – a research project by Cardiff University

The Seafarer Fatigue project was based on field research, surveys and analysis of existing accident and injury data, and carried out by the researchers Andy Smith, Paul Allen and Emma Wadsworth at Cardiff University. The project report and a film illustrate the factors that make seafarers particularly exposed to fatigue. In the report, they hightlight how lack of sleep, poor working conditions, high work demands and expectations at the workplace and stress can cause fatigue in everyday life of each individual. An increased risk of accidents at sea as well as mental and physical exhaustion are potential consequences. 

Read the Seafarer Fatigue report: The Cardiff Research Programme

Fatigue at Sea Film - Cardiff University

Fatigue at Sea – a Swedish field study

“Fatigue at Sea”  is a Swedish field study from 2007 based on interviews with 13 Swedish shipping companies and 30 experienced officers on board different commercial ships. The study is performed by Margareta Lützhöft, PhD and Master Mariner, who emphasised the importance of collecting and analysing data regarding sleepiness, stress and response time among those who have 2- and 3-watch systems. The study demonstrates an interaction between the watch system, response time and health status, and the fact that fatigue can be stressful for the individual as well as a serious safety issue. "Fatigue at Sea" has been conducted on behalf of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI).

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