Movie nights

The shipping companies shall facilitate that the seafarers have recreational services on board that are suitable for promoting their health, welfare and well-being. Every vessel must have electronic equipment such as radio, TV, movie playback equipment and PCs, as well as internet connection when available.

Access to film entertainment can, for example, be provided via film channels or digital solutions for downloading and/or streaming films. Where digital film access is not possible, the ships should be provided with physical film stock for the entire duration of the voyage with the possibility of regular replacement.

Film subscription scheme

As per today, the films require so much bandwidth that downloading or streaming on the open sea is not permitted or is not possible. Ship owners that want to provide a simple organized film service for their vessels (on the same basis as the NMA's former subscription system), may subscribe to the film services on similar terms offered by:

The ships will then receive montly packages with 6 or 9 DVD-films in varied genres: acomedy, action, drama, thriller, sci-fi etc. 

The film entertainment on board should otherwise be covered by umbrella licenses which ensure the right to purchase films anywhere in the world, be it downloads or physical films. The screening of films on board will be legal as long as the film has been procured legally and is covered by the umbrella license.