1. Are there any mortgages registered against the vessel?

The mortgagee has to amend the original mortgage: "signed for deletion". This is then to be sent to the Department of Ship Registration prior to deletion.
If the mortgagee is a foreign body: a Notary Public must confirm the identity and authority of the person signing. The Notary's signature is then to be legalized or amended with an Apostille.

2. Notification of deletion

Please use the form, Notification for deletion, KR-0009. To be signed with binding signature by the registered owner or the owner's Norwegian Representative and sent to post@nis-nor.no. The original is not to be forwarded afterwards.

3. Additional documentation when the ship is changing flag

If change of flag in connection with sale to new owner

Copy of Bill of Sale signed with binding signature by the seller.

If deletion by Norwegian owner without change of ownership

Confirmation from the new register stating that the ship will be accepted. A PDF copy sent directly from the new register to the NOR will suffice.

Export of vessels more than 50 years old

Vessels older than 50 years are covered by the export ban from Norway. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage (“Riksantikvaren”) may grant a dispensation upon application from the registered owner. Please find contact information to the Directorate here: The Directorate for Cultural Heritage - Riksantikvaren

The owner himself is obliged to ensure that such a dispensation is granted before the vessel is sold.

4. Additional documentation when deletion takes place without transferal of the ship to a new register

The ship has been broken up

A written confirmation from the yard stating that the ship has been broken up. A PDF copy is sufficient.

The ship has been scrapped/ condemned

Confirmation from the local sheriff or port authority stating that the ship no longer exists.
A PDF copy sent directly from the issuer will suffice.

The ship is lost at sea

Confirmation from the insurance company stating that insurance settlement has taken place.
A PDF copy sent directly from the insurance company will suffice.

5. IMO-requirements

Applies to: All passenger and cargo ships over 500 GRT in international voyage.


FORM 2, KR-IMO-02. Amendment to existing CSR. Date of deletion from the NOR is to be entered in item 15.The amendment form must be signed by the ISM-liable company or by the captain. Please forward a copy to the NOR. The original is always to be kept on bard on the ship's CSR-file.


Kindly note that each and every CSR document is to be accompanied by a FORM 3, KR-IMO-03 Index of amendments to that specific document.

After deletion has taken place, a  closed CSR will be issued by the NOR

Please instruct us as to where this is original is to be sent in order to ensure that it ends up on board.

Copies of the CSR-history will be forwarded to the ship's new register. The new register will issue the next number in the numerical order. Please provide us with contact information to the new register.

6. Deletion fee per 1 January 2024

NOK 2 469, - An invoice will be sent out after registration has taken place. To ensure correct invoicing we kindly ask the recipient to fill in the form payment information, KR-0070 and send the signed form to post@nis-nor.no.

7. Please note

All documents related to the registration process must be sent directly to the Department of Ship Registration

The Norwegian Maritime Authority, Department of Ship Registration
P.O.Box 73 Nygårdstangen

Please contact us and we will guide you through the registration process

Phone: + 47 52 74 50 00