Gulf of Guinea

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea remains a serious security threat. The pirate groups are resilient and determined and may attack at more than 200NM from the shore. Their main objective is to kidnap seafarers and demand ransoms from shipping companies for their release. The attacks are often of a very violent nature and seafarers and navy personnel have been killed during attacks.

Given the severity of the crimes it is essential that voyages in the Gulf of Guinea are fully threat and risk assessed and self-protection measures applied by ships. 

The NMA requires ships flying the Norwegian flag to implement MARSEC/ISPS level 2 in the areas that are marked in the illustration below.

kart - vest afrika.png

Advice on Mitigation Measures:

  • Utilize BMP5 West-Africa in preparations and operations. 
  • Conduct security assessments before entering. MDAT-GoG publishes weekly reports and threat assessments for the area.
  • Prepare ship and crew, through planning and exercises. 
  • Report to MDAT-GoG in accordance with guidelines.
  • Stay vigilant and maintain a high degree of situational awareness, both underway and at port.