We know that in the last 5 years, including 2022, there have been 14 fall-related deaths. These incidents have been related to falls on board, falls overboard or falls on quay in connection with mooring or embarking. A total of 561 people have been injured in a fall, and 349 of these were on sick-leave for more than 3 days.

Because of this, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has made fall incidents our main focus area throughout 2023.


Fill in our digital checklist here

The NMA has made a checklist for fall incidents. Our surveyors will use this list both during certificate surveys and unschduled supervision.

It will be very useful to go through this checklist on all vessels. We encourage all shipping companies and masters to go through the checklist early in 2023

The checklist is also available digitally for tablets and phones. The digital checklist is intended for shipping companies and masters, and for internal reporting. 

Challenging shipping companies and masters

Shipping company:

Encourage (require) masters to read through the information on this website and go through the digital checklist. The list shouls be saved and submitted and reported to the shipping company.


  1. Use a safefty meeting or similar and go through the information on this website.
  2. Read through all "lessons learned" texts and watch the films. Discuss internally, and take a tour of your vessel to identify places and work operations with a risk of fall incidents.
  3. Through discussions, come up with any new or improved measures for the risk areas in the articles and films.
  4. Complete the digital checklist for fall incidents. The list should be saved and submitted and reported to the shipping company. Please put any comments and note measures on the items where something has been identified, or where measures are required.

Although the NMA is unable to connect the completed checklists to specific vessels, we will be paying constant attention to see if there is something for us to learn or any good measures for us to include in our future safety work.

Accident statistics for fall incidents



The Multi Vision accident

One of the most recent fatal accidents took place on 1 January 2022. The investigation of the so-called Multi Vision accident, where a young able seafarer died, has recently been completed by the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority. You can watch the investigation video or read the full report here.