Shipbuilding contracts for future construction with a Norwegian yard may be entered into a separate unit of the NOR: the Shipbuilding Register. Estimated length of the vessel must be 10 meters or more, ref. the Norwegian Maritime Code of 24 June 1994 No. 39 S 31. Documentation requirements for registration with the Shipbuilding Register are outlined below.

1. Identification of the registration

The hull number combined with the name of the contracting yard is the unique identification of the registration. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that the whole combination is entered into all notifications and documents.

In order to prevent delays in the registration process, we kindly ask for all forms to be completely filled in.

2. Owner during the construction period

There are no requirements to owner's nationality. Accordingly, a foreign person or entity may be registered as owner in the Shipbuilding Register.

3. The notification form

Notification to the Shipbuilding Register, KR-0013.

Please ensure that there is consistency between the selected registration option and the construction period stated in the notification.

For registration of a shipbuilding contract for future building in Norway: tick off for alternative II in the notification. The construction period cannot have started.

Who must sign?

Registered owner during the construction period is defined in the notification form. It is, therefore, essential that all parties (builder/contracting party/owner) sign the form with binding signature. For companies: according to the certificate of company registration. The signed form is to be sent to

4. The shipbuilding contract

Since it is the contract that is being registered, the original must be forwarded to the Department of Ship Registration.  Once registration has been completed, this will be returned to the sender.

5. Fees as of 1 January 2024

NOK 4 099, -
NOK 2 884, -  per mortgage.

An invoice will be sent out after registration has taken place. To ensure correct invoicing we kindly ask the recipient to fill in the form payment information, KR-0070 and forward the signed form to

In addition, there will be charged applicable fee rates and hourly rates related to the initial-and annual fees based on the vessel’s length/ NET as well as other, relevant fees (for example dispensation applications and certain certificates) ref. the NMA's Tariff of Fees / Fees Regulations.

6. Please note

All documents related to the registration process must be sent directly to the Department of Ship Registration

The Norwegian Maritime Authority, Department of Ship Registration
P.O.Box 73 Nygårdstangen

Contact us and we will guide you through the registration process

Phone: + 47 52 74 50 00