Boating license and ICC

  • Published: 30/06/2016

All persons born on or after 1 January 1980 need a boating license in order to operate a recreational craft under Norwegian flag of more than 8 metres in length or with an engine with a greater effect than 25 HP

Pleasure craft on the Norwegian coast

Boating license

The boating license allows you to operate boats of up to 15 metres without further restrictions on speed or horse power. If you are born before 1980 you may operate a recreational craft of up to 15 metres without a boating license. You are nevertheless encouraged to take the boating exam as proof of the fact that you possess the necessary knowledge for safe operation at sea.

In order to be issued a boating license, you have to pass the boating exam – a multiple choice test that has to be taken at an approved test centre. The test can be taken in Norwegian or English, and consists of 50 questions which need to be answered within one hour. The questions have been compiled based on the boating exam curriculum. You need not complete a course prior to the exam, but most people find a course to be useful and educational.

If you want to operate a recreational craft of more than 15 metres you will require a Certificate for Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft.

Recognition of foreign boating licenses and qualification documents

Boating licenses or other qualification documents issued in another EEA country are valid in accordance with the contents of the document. An International Certificate of Competence (ICC) issued in accordance with Resolution 40 must include coastal navigation in order to be valid in Norway. Other foreign boating licenses will be valid if they substantially satisfy the requirements of the Norwegian boating license, and are issued in English or a Scandinavian language.

Holders of recognised foreign boating licenses or qualification documents may upon application on the prescribed form be issued a Norwegian boating license, if the master's rights of their original boating license are at least equal to those of the Norwegian boating license. The foreign license must have been issued while the holder was a resident of the country in question, and he or she must have been resident there for more than one year.

If you are uncertain whether your foreign boating license is valid in Norway, please contact theNorwegian Maritime Authority or Norsk Test.

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) gives you the right to operate a recreational craft in other countries which have adopted UNECE Resolution No. 40 concerning ICC. An ICC issued in Norway gives master's rights of recreational craft of up to 15 metres. Please note that ICC is not a requirement, and that other countries which have adopted the resolution may have other regulations and practices.

The ICC may be issued for both inland waters and coastal waters. In Norway the ICC is only issued for coastal waters for motor boats and/or sailing vessels. ICCs for inland waters are for the time being not being issued.

In order to be issued the ICC for coastal waters you need to pass the national boating exam as well as complete and pass a practical examination for motor boat or sailing vessel. You also have to fill out a declaration of health which is found on the application form.

The ICC application form should be sent to Norsk Test in Kirkenes, Norway.

Resolution No. 40 concerning ICC has been adopted by a number of countries.There are also countries which have not adopted the resolution, but which may nevertheless require an ICC. For people travelling abroad who are planning to rent a recreational craft of up to 15 meters, the NMA recommends in general contacting the maritime administration of the country in question as well as the rental place in order to clarify whether they will need an ICC.

Approved providers of ICC

Norsk Test AS

The boating exam is offered by Norsk Test with the NMA as supervisory body. All applications related to the issue of boating licences, ICCs and duplicates should be sent to the main office of Norsk Test in Kirkenes, Norway. Norsk Test issues boating licenses and ICCs on behalf of the NMA.

Should you have any questions in relation to the boating exam or boating license, please contact Norsk Test by e-mail or by phone + 47 78 97 35 00.

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