Ship registration

We are operating with a minimum staff at the Ship Registers offices in Bergen. This ensures that we can receive and process documents, complete registrations and issue certificates. Ship registration should under these circumstances function normally.

Emergency Phone

This is manned as usual 24/7, and we are ready to assist with operational challenges or incidents.

The phone number is:  +47 52 74 50 00

Grants for employment of seafarers

As of today, no measures have been taken in the grant scheme as a result of the corona pandemic. Payments are scheduled as normal and we request that application are submitted with all attachments by the deadline for the 1st term 2020, which is 25.3.2020.

Personal certificates

It is still possible to apply for personal certificates, but due to the challenges of conducting courses and health examinations, the NMA has temporarily extended the validity of certificates and health certificates: 

Certificates and vessel instructions

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has decided that certificates and vessel instructions that are due before June 12, 2020 will be extended by three months without further approval from the Directorate:

Service desk / visits to our offices

Med unntak av skipsregistrering, post/varelevering og forhåndsavtalte tjenester og

With the exception of ship registration, post/delivery and pre-arranged services and assignments, our head office and our regional offices / ship registers are closed to the public for the time being.

We recommend that you contact us via, as we expect delays via regular mail.

If you need to talk to a case manager you can call our switchboard at + 47 52745000, and we will try to contact you. If you have an issue which is not urgent and can be put on hold for a few weeks, we ask that you contact us when the situation has normalized.