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Pursuant to the Regulations of 5 June 2014 No. 805 on the medical examination of employees on Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units (Health Regulations), seafarer's doctors are required to have a quality system ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Health Regulations. The quality system shall be in accordance with a internationally recognised standard, cf. section 7 first paragraph (h) of the Health Regulations.

The purpose of this circular is to show the minimum required content of such a quality system for seafarer's doctors. The circular is based on principles from international standards for quality systems, but is not complete with regard to the respective requirements in the different standards.

The Health Regulations entered into force on 1 July 2014, and doctors who were approved as seafarer's doctors at this time are covered by the transitional arrangement of section 19 of the Regulations, and must therefore implement a quality system by 1 July 2019. Doctors not approved as seafarer's doctors when the Regulations entered into force will have to implement a quality system before they can be approved as seafarer's doctors.

Approved seafarer's doctors shall apply for renewal of the approval every five years. The form "Self-declaration – quality system for approved seafarer's doctor" shall be enclosed with the application.

If the quality system is changed/replaced for any reasons, a new self-declaration form shall unsolicited be submitted to the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA).