Our case handlers consider received documentation before deciding which of the below procedures to follow. The alternatives are based on the Norwegian Maritime Code of 24 June 1994 No. 39 Sections 14 and 16.

I. Entered into the journal upon receipt

This will apply in cases where the documents itself, as well as any supporting documents, are in accordance with regulations.

II. Be returned without entry into the journal

If it is evident that the document cannot be registered (i.e. absence of binding signature, missing witnesses or unclear identification of the mortgaged vessel etc.), it will be returned to the person who requested the registration, without any entry into the journal. Reasons as to why the document cannot be registered will be stated.

III. Provisionally noted in the journal

If the document itself is valid and in accordance with regulations but necessary, supporting documents are lacking, the document may be provisionally noted in the journal.

The Registrar must have reason to believe that necessary rectifications will be made within a time limit of three weeks from entry into the journal. The person who requested the registration must give a written statement to the fact that the deficiency will be rectified within that time. 
If the deficiency is not made good within the time limit, registration of the document will be refused.

Examples of supporting documents in such cases may be owner’s declaration of nationality, previous mortgagee’s consent etc.

IV. Kept in escrow until further notice

Documents received along with sender’s confirmation that registration shall not take place until further notice will be kept in escrow. Sender must state when registration is scheduled to take place. The original document will be kept in escrow until further notice but no longer than three weeks from receipt.

Registration of new vessels (not previously registered)

Each case must be considered individually. 
The most likely procedure will be item IV above. 

Pre-clearance of documents

We strongly encourage pre-clearance of documents and for originals to be sent us jointly, if possible:

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