Update on the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s work on “Viking Sky”

  • Published: 27/03/2019

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) continued the inspection onboard the Viking Sky yesterday. The main focus was on the ship’s machinery and logs covering the alarms that went off prior to and during the incident in Hustadvika Saturday afternoon.

In the picture you can see Acting Director General, Lars Alvestad.
Acting Director General, Lars Alvestad.
PHOTO: Marit Nilsen, Sjøfartsdirektoratet

– The NMA is working closely with the shipowner and the classification society to identify the specific cause for the blackout. In addition, the NMA is assisting both the police and the Accident Investigation Board in their work, says Acting Director General Lars Alvestad.

The NMA has been notified by the shipowner that they wish to move the ship to a shipyard in Kristiansund to start the repair of the damage to the ship.

– We are prepared to cooperate with the shipowner and other relevant agencies to find a solution to  this, says Alvestad.

The requirements for moving the ship will be clarified as soon as possible.

Yesterday, the NMA received questions concerning the safety onboard other similar vessels. Through the work the NMA now is doing onboard, there is great focus on uncovering information about whether or not there are circumstances connected to the incident, technical or operational, that may be of consequence to other vessels. The work is not completed and the NMA will be quick to provide information if any such circumstances are disclosed.

– After the shipwreck in 2007 of the anchor-handling vessel «Bourbon Dolphin», we shortly thereafter issued a preliminary safety recommendation based on the information we gradually received. Should we receive any information during the now ongoing investigation that we suspect may be of consequence to other vessels, please rest assured that we will share this information without delay and, if necessary, recommend temporary action, says Alvestad.

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